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ON SALE – Invigor8 Super Greens Drink Only $24.95

For less than $1.00 per day, you can have the equivalent of a nutritional insurance package!  This month, a 30-day supply is only $24.95.  Start the new year right with a nutritional jump-start!  Invigor8 is our powerhouse greens drink containing 35 carefully balanced nutritionally rich ingredients, such as veggies, fruit, enzymes, probiotics, fiber, herbs and anti-oxidants for maximal nutritional support.  Quantities are limited, stock up now (there will be no rain checks)! Ask about wholesale […]

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Start Strong In 2015

Mediral is 100% committed to helping you heal your clients.  This includes providing the finest hand-made homeopathic remedies available, outstanding customer service, education in not only using the Dr. Recommends remedies but in running your practice more efficiently and profitably, FDA updates that may impact your practice and phone consultations for particularly difficult cases.  We are here for you, to help make 2015 your very best year yet.

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Homeopathic Remedies and Freezing Temperatures

Winter has arrived and it’s time to discuss remedies and freezing.  Most Dr. Recommends remedies are 16-20% alcohol, which means that they may freeze at around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Note that freezing does not damage a homeopathic remedy.   If it does freeze, just set it out at room temperature and let it thaw.  Do not expose it to excess heat, remedies are irreparably damaged around 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

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